The Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting
for Parrots

and Everyone Else in the Family


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      "When Mingus first got sick..."


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Revolutionary, yet basic...
        Profound, yet gentle...
              Much More than Animal Communication...

Animal Wellness Coach --

practical solutions from telepathic impressions

Replacing a Fear of Life with Love and Joy

No Longer Afraid
of our Feet

orpheus the horse

Healing Grief,
Improving Behavior

Elvis the Conure parrot

Healing Feather

Lifting the Fear of
Loud Noises .....

Healing Fear-Based

Healing and Health

Replacing Aggression
with Calm

Creating a Peaceful


Benefits for You and Your Critter Kids

Introducing the Value of a Holistic Approach for Healing

Mind, Body, and Spirit at the Source of the Imbalance

*Resolve inappropriate behaviors
*Heal separation anxiety and fearfulness
*Restore calm, dissolve aggression
*Support natural healing processes
*Emotions contribute to health problems, learn how we can help
*Help preventive illness with safe, natural care
*Learn how diet and nutrition can help heal behavior
*Remarkable nutritional supplements


If you want results, then we can help!

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Integrated Healing for Animals


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